Tranny Ass Hole and Pushed back cock!

Tranny Ass Hole and Pushed back cock! So guys I have to ask you this simple question! Please take a minute and think about it and also reply with a sweet comment here on this blog or in the members area of my website!

OK, so the question is simple. Do you A, Like the tranny ass hole shot. Or B, like the pushed back cock shot? Me personally I find them both arousing! Imagine running your tongue across my tight little hole and getting it all wet! And then either running it over my balls and also down the shaft of my cock! Or stroking my cock with your finger tips while you tongue my ass hole. Wow, I think Im dripping cum with these ideas!

Tranny Ass Hole

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Big tranny Ass, Angeles Cid in workout shorts!

Big tranny Ass, Angeles Cid in workout shorts! I am sure you all love to get a good look at a big tranny ass! And in these shorts mine looks huge! Don’t you just want to get your cock out of your pants and into my ass hole right now? Imagine slipping my shorts aside to reveal my love hole. Spitting on your fingers to lube it up! Now thing about how it would also feel pushing the head of your cock past my shouts and into my ass. Deeper! Deeper!

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Big tranny ass

Another thing. Can you also imagine how hard my cock gets when you do this? Can you reach around and also stroke me while you finger or fuck my ass?

Give it a good stroke and shove at the same time and I will love you forever!

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Tranny Fuck Boots! Want to see more of mine?

Tranny Fuck Boots! Want to see more of mine? Most of you know me, I am Angeles Cid. And I have on in this photo, if you can take your eyes off my cock! A very sexy pair of Tranny Fuck Boots! You will love them but the only want to see them is in my members area!

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Tranny Fuck Boots

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