Angeles Cid Lingerie outdoors!

Angeles Cid Lingerie outdoors! So we wanted to do a lingerie set but using natural light. That of course means to be in the sun outdoors. So we found ourselves a place with as few people as we could and started taking photos. Of course I stripped and get my tits out. I also pulled my cock out while we were there. And honestly this caused a few gasps from some of the guys watching. I guess they did not realize I am trans. In any event this is a sample photo from that shoot, Angeles Cid Lingerie outdoors.
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Now I want you to note that I have posted the same photo here two times. One is a normal color photo and the other is with just the color of my glasses, panties and bar and heels highlighted. What do you think? Also which do you prefer?

Angeles Cid Lingerie outdoors


angeles Lingerie outdoors

Personally I like them both because I like to see me in photos.

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Angeles Cid bikini shoot!

Angeles Cid bikini shoot! Hey guys what do you think of this image below? Its a hot and sexy shoot that I did. Hence the name Angeles Cid bikini shoot! I was working with a photographer for some of my normal things and he asked if I would like to shoot in this bikini. He said he has a contract and wanted to present a transgender model. So this was the result. But not to worry my loves. I get naked. That was the whole reason for being there in the first place. Was to get my big tranny cock out and play with it for you.

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Angeles Cid bikini

I had a lot of fun teasing this photG. I could see his cock keep moving in his pants. And I know he wanted to fuck me. Or me to fuck him. And I also got excited thinking about what could happen and how it would look on video. It was a hot fantasy that almost came true!

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Angeles Cid spread wide! And look what else.

Angeles Cid spread wide! And look what else. Hi guys. Check out the position of my legs. Yes thats me, Angeles Cid spread wide! And I also happen to have my big fat cock in both my hands. As you can clearly see there is plenty left over on the top! I have a huge cock and I want to feed it some tight mouths and also asses. So if your willing to suck me. Or maybe let me fuck you. Then I want to chat soon.

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Angeles Cid spread wide

Right now is a prefect time for you to join me. Dont wait. You might forget or worse someone might walk into your room. Then you wont be able to join me or stroke your cock until you shoot that load of cum that is building up in your balls even as you read this.

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