Angeles Cids Tranny Balls. Lets Play!

Angeles Cids Tranny Balls. Lets Play! Does anyone else see the humor behind the name of this set? Angeles Cids Tranny Balls! Personally I think its funny and I hope some of you see it that way as well. Then as you smile you realize that thinking about my balls makes you horny. Now that your cock is starting to stir, reach down and take it out of your shorts. Thats it. Caress the back of the head so that you feel the tingle.

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Angeles Cids Tranny Balls

Dont miss out on getting to play with these. Its a real turn on for both of us. And I dont mind letting your play with my balls outdoors!

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Sexy Tranny Ass. Yes guys thats mine!

Sexy Tranny Ass. Yes guys that’s mine! So I shot this set not long ago on a rural road. I thought that the set came out very sexy and that I should share a few of the photos with you. So take a close look at the image below and see how nice my ass looks in this thong and Lingerie! It was very hot but my cock started to enjoy the idea of being outside. So, tell me what you think of my Sexy Tranny Ass!

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Sexy Tranny Ass

For those of you who do not really know me, I am The Well Hung Super PornStar Angeles Cid. Once you see my cock you will never forget it!

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Angeles Cid Tranny Bulge.

Angeles Cid Tranny Bulge. So guys I have to ask. Do you pay attention to things like this in photos? Or do you just enjoy the over all image? You do get why I titled this Angeles Cid Tranny Bulge? As you can see in the image below I have my package nice and tight and it makes a great bulge in my swim wear. And yes guys with a cock the size of mine its almost always visible. And especially when I go to the beach.

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Angeles Cid Tranny Bulge

You know you want to come up behind me and reach up and caress this bulge. You then would most likely grab me by it and a shoulder and pull me back into the pool for a long and deep kiss. Feeling my cock grow hard in your hand.

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