Angeles Cid Lingerie Model.

Angeles Cid Lingerie Model. So guys. What do you think of the photo below? Could I be a model? Well in this set, Angeles Cid Lingerie Model I am just that and I hope that you like it. As you can clearly see my body looks pretty good in the lingerie. The lights made me look nice and tan. And I was even able to hide my cock pretty well in the panties. For those of you who want to see more of this set. All you have to do is click the image. Also make sure to comment here on the blog for me. Be polite and say nice things. I just want to make you happy anyway.

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Angeles Cid Lingerie Model

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Tranny Balls. Do you like to play with them?

Tranny Balls. Do you like to play with them? No silly not the ones in the photo below. But well like my Tranny Balls? Would you like to play with them. Kissing them and sucking gently on them? If you up for that sort of thing, or want to get your cock up doing that sort of thing. Then your going to love spending time with me. I have a nice set of balls connected to a hot and huge tranny cock. And we can discuss in my members area what you want to do with that!

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Tranny Balls

So come on guys. I am waiting for you. I want one of you strong men to reach up under my skirt and find out if I have panties on or not. To see if my balls are free and ready to be fondled. Then for the brave of the brave suck my fat cock until I am hard and my skirt wont stay down anymore. Then we can start to really have fun!

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Angeles Cid’s round tranny ass!

Angeles Cid’s round tranny ass! Hi guys. I wanted to share a newer set of photos of me and see what you think. This was another pro shoot that I did. I also wanted to ask your opinion about my the title of the photo set and if its accurate. Angeles Cid’s round tranny ass! Does that match at all? Does my ass look round in this photo? Honestly its hard for me to be objective as I personally love my ass. But I really want you to love it also. Make sure and comment about this photo and let me know.

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Angeles Cid round tranny ass

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