Big Ass Angeles Cid.

Big Ass Angeles Cid. So guys tell me. Do you like a trans girl with a big ass? Well as you can see in the image below I just happen to have one. And its an ass that loves to be touched. In fact if you take your tongue and run it around the rim of my love hole. You will be able to feel my cock stiffen in your hand. And if you force your tongue into my hole you will feel the silky wetness start to drip from the head of my cock. And the more you tongue fuck my ass, the more silk you get.

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Big Ass

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Angeles Cid sucks Cock.

Angeles Cid sucks Cock. Yes guys that’s me in the photo and yes that is a big cock in my mouth! Hence the title of the photo being Angeles Cid sucks Cock! I do love a hard cock in my mouth. This guy was nice enough to let us use his sports store for a photo and video shoot. I saw him watching and noted he had an erection so I asked him if he wanted his cock sucked. Like a trooper he whipped out his slab and it went right into my mouth!

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Angeles Cid sucks cock

Personally I think you guys will love this movie. I sure had fun making it and it was the first time for this guy to get sucked by a trans girl. That makes it extra special hot.

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Panties. Do you like them on or off?

Panties. Do you like them on or off? Panties are often one of the sexiest things a woman can wear. And when a Trans woman wears them they are even hotter because they have to hid her cock. Or bulge if you like that thought better. As you can see in the photo below that is a bit of a difficult thing for me as no matter how big they are. Or also have well they are cut. The never seem to cover enough of my cock. Even when I have it tucked back and under.

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