Tranny Cleavage! Angeles Cid shows off a whole lot!

Tranny Cleavage! And Angeles Cid shows off a whole lot! So you like to look at and admire Cleavage! How about some hot and sexy Tranny cleavage? Well guys, first of all, I am Angeles Cid and I am here to share a photo of me that shows off a lot of tranny cleavage. And, I do so hope that you love it as much as I did making it.

Now. Sit back and take a close look at how big and round my titties look in that bikini top. In addition to Plenty of cleavage you see the soft roundness on each side. Because of how sexy I felt in these photos you can see in my shorts my big cock was getting hard. Maybe you should have been there to stroke it for me in the sun? Almost every time I see this set I start to get hard and want a hot man to play with. If your up for it and horny lets get together and do a shoot and you can please me. And if your lucky, I will please you as well.

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Tranny Cleavage

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Angeles Cid’s big ass!

Angeles Cid’s big ass! Hey guys. I wanted to share a photo of me that was taken recently in a studio! I was modeling this yellow thong and top and got onto my hands and knees as you can see in the photo below. With no idea how the picture would come out but when I saw this I was amazed. Also you can easily see the reason for the name of the photo being Angeles Cid’s big ass! But now that I look a little closer I can see it also could have been called Angeles Cid’s amazing side boob! 🙂

Anyone interested in seeing a bit more of this set? I will add here that the bottoms I have on are rather small and can barely hold my cock. Especially because when I do shoots like this, I am almost always semi hard. I think its called having a chubby!

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Angeles Cid's big ass

You will love this set as its very sensual and soft and shows my body very well. My boobs look tan and amazing and as you can see my big ass looks very tasty and fuckable.

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Beach bikini!

Beach bikini! Hey guys. I wanted to write this post myself to show off a new beach bikini I got. It was actually sent to me by a fan. Thank you David. Now the reason I use the term beach to describe the bikini is simply because for a girl like me there are two different kinds of bikini. One like in the image below. It is somewhat soft in the bottom and does not hold my cock very tight. At the beaches I go to its not important to hide it so much. As well as there are no children present. The Pool bikini has to have a much tighter bottom to hold my cock in place and not let it show. Even though I am usually at a pool that is mostly adults. I do my best to not show off what I have.

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Beach Bikini

Do not miss this chance guys. This set is so sexy and when I left the beach I was already unpacking my cock to stroke it. There were several guys watching me and I loved it.

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