Trans girl Updates 2

Welcome to the week 3 June news letter. I have not read any comments from you guys yet so I am going to guess that I am doing just fine with this. If there is any more info that you want or if you want to know about a particular site up date let me know. In the mean time keep scrolling down to read the latest is several different sites.


Amor LB
Below this text is the photo of a girl we call Amor LB. She is one of the most beautiful trans girls you will ever see. And another thing, I think that you are going to really enjoy this amazing little body. Amor LB has the tits, the ass and the face to be the perfect girl for you. Just look. Now for those of you who are wondering what LB is. Well its short for Ladyboy. And Ladyboy also means that the LB is a girl from one of the Asian Countries. So Amor fits right in. And she has such a sweet look and a great set of tits on her! DO not hesitate to see more and learn more about this LB or Ladyboy. You will start to really enjoy the sex drive of these girls. —> Click here or the image below! <--- Amor LB

Barbie Blush big tits and panties
OK guys you are going to love this one. This girls name is Barbie Blush and she is showing off her Big tits and panties. Furthermore, as you can see by the sample below. Barbie Blush has some nice assets. Like this Big tits and panties. And of course you know whats packed into those panties. 🙂 Now for anyone that wants to know, Barbie Blush is a hot Mexican girl and those big tits of hers are one of her favorite assets. She can never get enough of playing with them and showing them off. Those tits are out all the time and they look amazing when they are. So make sure and check out more of Barbies photos and movies in her members area. Also make sure to let her know where you found her sample photo. —> Click now on the image below or here to join her members area! <--- Big tits and panties

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Angeles Cid.