Big boots Big cock Tranny!

Big boots Big cock Tranny! Because I am always looking for ways to excite the members of my site! I have come up with some amazing outfits. Most of them were either thought up by fans and friends or they were purchased by them. So take a close look at the image below and enjoy this Big boots Big cock Tranny!

Another thing that is a turn on to most men is simply the positions. Legs spread wide and cock hanging down seems to be a real turn on and the requests for these photos come in often. Take a look at the photo below and see! Because that’s what everyone has been talking about!

Below you will find a perfect sample photo from the members area of the site. The photo has been scaled down to fit this blog.

Big Boots Big Cock tranny

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Golden Tan Tranny! Wow Do you like a tranny with a tan?

Golden Tan Tranny! Wow Do you like a tranny with a tan? First of all, I love the beach. And I also love small bikinis so I can get a tan. But I also love to please men and there are a lot of men that love a golden tan tranny! So for you guys, Your going to love this set!

Another thing is, I like to look good and I think that a Golden tan tranny looks better than being pasty white. Not that all men agree with me. Some of you like girls without a tan and thats ok. I am that way some times. But I prefer the golden tan and the hot tranny look like in the photo below!

Oh, did you take a minute and notice my boots? Those are a gift from a fan and I want to say than you very much Roger! They fit perfect and even though we had a little trouble getting them delivered, they were worth the wait. Hugs and kisses to you my love.

Now, the outfit is actually a swimsuit and its very sexy. So if you like it as much as some of the other members make sure to tell us so we can make new sets with a similar one.

Golden Tan Tranny

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Modeling outdoors. Angeles Cid in Boots!

Modeling outdoors. Angeles Cid in Boots! Hey guys. This set of Modeling outdoors was done on the outskirts of a rather large city in Argentina. It is one of the last shoots that I planned for a year or so as I am going to go and live in Greece and Italy for a while. But I know I have a lot of fans that like to see me pose outdoors! And also a good number of you enjoy me in boots. So I combined the two and made this set. I hope you love it. I had fun making it as there were actually a number of people watching.

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Modeling Outdoors

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