Tranny Fuck Boots! Want to see more of mine?

Tranny Fuck Boots! Want to see more of mine? Most of you know me, I am Angeles Cid. And I have on in this photo, if you can take your eyes off my cock! A very sexy pair of Tranny Fuck Boots! You will love them but the only want to see them is in my members area!

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Tranny Fuck Boots

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Tasty Shemale Cum! Lets lick it up right now!

Tasty Shemale Cum! Lets lick it up right now! I for one love the taste of cum. When I cant get it from a hot man, tasty shemale cum will fill the hole I need filled. In this case its my mouth I want filled. Ahh the feeling of that hot jet of liquid as it slams into the back of my throat! Coating the inside of my mouth. Across my teeth dripping down my throat as you pump my lips with your hard cock. Are you willing to do this for me? Also will you let that man cream flow into my mouth?

Tasty Shemale Cum

Just in case you were wondering, yes my cum is very tasty. Almost sweet some guys tell me. And because I have a big fat cock, its also a lot of fun to milk the cum out! Just picture this in your head! Me on my hands and knees with my big cock hanging down. You on the side of me with two or three fingers in my ass from one hand. And the other hand stroking my cock up and down! Also picture you putting your head under my cock just as I start to shoot my load!

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Anal toys for Angeles Cid!

Anal toys for Angeles Cid! When there is not a cock around hot trans girls like me have to settle for Anal Toys! For the most part that is ok. But really a toy never can be as good as the real thing. So if you have your cock out right now and its getting hard. That will get mine hard and I want to watch! One thing I love to do is tickle a mans cock with my finger nails while it grows hard in my hand and also his!

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Anal Toys

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Cock up Selfie! with the huge cock tranny Angeles Cid!

Cock up Selfie! with the huge cock tranny Angeles Cid! Hey guys. I had a fan that wanted a cock up selfie! At first I had no idea what that meant. Then he sent me one! After I recovered my erection from jerking off, I grabbed a photo quite similar to this for him. Then the next day I grabbed this one to share with you also. I hope that you find it as arousing as I did taking it. In fact, maybe you should just see the rest of this set and also the movie I made. It was strokin fun!

Cock Up Selfie

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