Double anal penetration

Want to watch some Super hot double anal penetration? Well how about if the trans girl who is getting penetrated is Angels Cid? And then how about if she is doing the penetration herself? Yeah I know you were a super fan and wanted to watch this hot action as much as I do. So I will warn you right now. Get a cloth to clean up with and a safe and comfy place to lay down to stroke. And if you want to participate in some penetration get out your own favorite anal toy!

Angeles wanted to record a movie with some of her toys. I convinced her that you, her super fans would love to see some hot double anal penetration but that she would have to do all the work herself. So that meant she had to get herself hot enough by masturbating to get two toys deep into her ass hole. Being the amazing and hot super star that she is. She did this just for you to get off to. So make sure your cock is out and then hit the play button on the movie clip below.

After the clip, scroll down and click on the image at the bottom of the page. That will take you to the join page of her custom and exclusive members area. <--- Or click there. Then once on the join form fill in the small form and hit submit. On the second form fill in the rest of the information and hit submit again. Then have your cock and clean up cloth ready to watch the rest of this double anal penetration movie.

This is the image you can click on. So click right now!
Double Anal Penetration

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