Sexy in red

When you read a title like I have here called ” Sexy in Red ” you might automatically think the girl or in this case trans girl, is going to be dressed in red for the entire movie or all the photos. In this case. You would be wrong on that! In fact. Angeles Cid our beautiful blonde pornstar. Only keeps her little red winter coat on for a short time. But the truth is, seeing her naked is better! Don’t you agree?

Now for those of you who know Angeles what do you think of this movie clip? I also want to hear from those of you who dont know her. But I want to hear about your first impression of how she looks in general. How her tits made you feel. If her big ass got you hard. Or was it that huge trans girl cock that got you hard? Maybe it was the sexy in red outfit that did it? Just let me know and everyone else so we can discuss it. And I will do my best to make other posts that focus on what gets most of you off!

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Sexy in red

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