Sex with Angeles

Can you just imagine what sex with Angeles would be like? Most of the people that read this blog are men. So I will be speaking to you today. For the few trans girls that also read. Well you can get the idea of what I mean. After all. You still most likely have your cock. So get it out guys and girls and get your cocks hard as we talk about having sex with Angeles Cid.

The vast majority of you know that she is the super hot blonde. With big natural looking tits and a huge round ass. And you might also know that she happens to have a huge cock on her as well. Something she says she will never let go of. But did you also know that cock is more than 13 inches long? And it’s so damn fat that if you decide to let her stick it in your ass. She can rip you wide open if you are not careful and if you dont use enough lube. So make sure to get your lube ready for some hot anal action with Angeles Cid!

This movie of her with TaniaQ is actually quite Hot. And Tania sticks her cock right into that big ass and she goes balls deep. So feel free to shoot your load while watching that part of the movie in her members area.

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Sex with Angeles

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