Anal Pleasure

Most trans girls look for anal pleasure anywhere they can get it. And than means that if they have to play with their own ass. Then they will. Take for instance the Super star Trans girl Angeles Cid! Yeah I know it is her blog so we should be talking about her. And we are so keep reading!

Angeles Cid is also always hot for a good fuck. She loves to have her ass played with and if she can not get someone to play with it. Then she will do it by herself. She is always looking for anal pleasure. And the photo and movie clip below show that off very well.

Angeles Had just checked into a hotel and saw a guy at the pool that made her cock start to ache. So she went on the balcony to watch him. But before she did that she slipped a dildo into her ass to help her finish getting hot. And to help get her cock hard!

If you want to, and I know that you do, watch Angeles as she plays with her ass and that dildo. You can do that by taking a peek at the image at the bottom of this page. Or you can also watch the video clip. But if you want to get off with her while she enjoys her anal pleasure, then you need to click the image or a text link so that you can join her exclusive members area. Click right now!

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Anal Pleasure

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