Anal toy fun

Lets talk about some anal toy fun. And only a girl like Angeles Cid could pull off what she did here. You are going to love this so keep reading. But if you want to skip ahead then scroll down to the bottom of the page and check out the video. Then click on the image and it will take you to the signup page. Put in your info and hit submit. Then add the rest to the second form and you are in her custom and exclusive members only area. Click here right now!

So. Angeles was invited by a fan to stay at a resort in Cancun. She arrived and was walking around a bit stiff and off and we wondered why. She finally went up to reception to check in and when she leaned forward we saw that she had a butt plug in. However every few minutes she would reach back and push it a little bit. And that seemed strange. So when we arrived at her room she went right out to the balcony and sat down. Finally we got her to show us what was going on and she moved from the balcony to the bed. And when she pulled out the toy she smiled and said. Anal toy fun!

So guys there you have it. And now you need to watch it. The video clip below is only part of the movie and if you want to see it all you need to click a link and join her members area. Click right now!

This is the photo that you can click on!
Anal toy fun

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