Anal toy Masturbation

Do you know what anal toy masturbation is?

This is when someone not only puts a toy in their ass. But they also use it to masturbate their ass. That means taking ahold of it with there hand and moving it in and out and as deep and fast as they can. Did you know that you can actually make yourself orgasm this way? Yep sure can and if you have not done it. You need to find a girl like Angeles Cid to help you try it out.

Now the truth be told a cock feels better than any anal toy. And as you can see in the photo and video clip below. Angeles Cid has the cock for it. But when she is getting ready to take a cock herself, she will usually want to do some anal toy masturbation first. She does this because her own ass is extremely tight. The use of the toy helps to loosen it up a little and makes it better for fucking. She says she becomes more sensitive and that makes it easier for her to orgasm when you are fucking her.

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Anal toy Masturbation

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