Anal toy

Who wants to play with an anal toy? Or maybe just sit back and watch the amazing Angeles Cid as she plays with one? Yeah that is what I thought. The instant I saw this video I sat back and started watching and wanking. Why? Because as you will see, Angeles Cid knows how to use an anal toy to get our attention and keep it.

Read on to know more about this movie.

When Angeles Arrived at the hotel she was wearing jeans and a tight top. Tits sticking out and package barely hidden. When I asked her she said she was horny so she had put her anal toy in for the ride over and now her cock was aching to be released. So we got her made up and into a dress and out on the balcony to start showing off her hot toy and how hot and horny she was. The movie starts with her on the balcony and playing with the toy. Then she moves to the bed to work her tight hole with the toy and to masturbate.

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Anal Toy

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