Angeles Cid Big Boobies!

Hey guys. What do you think of this photo? Its called Angeles Cid big boobies for a reason. First of all I feel that boobies is a softer word than say Bit tits. Lets not be mistaken. I do have Big tits. Hehehe. Thats not all thats big on me but right now we are going to focus on that. Angeles Cid big boobies.  Ohh I like the ring of it. How about you? Do not get me wrong I would never be upset if you said big tits. Its what they are after all.

And once we start to look at a nice set of big boobies what seems to come to mind? When I think of a nice set of big boobies, I want to do two things. Well more than that really. But the first thing is I want to hold those big boobies from behind. I want to get behind the girl. I dont mind trans or genetic. Then I want to get close. Naked preferably. So I can slide my cock between her butt cheeks. Once snuggled up I want to reach around and hold those boobies in my hand!

Angeles Cid big boobies

Does that sound nice or what?! Ohhh an even better idea! Why dont you do that to me? Make sure your cock us lubed so that you can slip it into my ass while you cup and massage my boobies from behind. Wow. Im already getting hard thinking about it!

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