Angeles Cid Green Bikini

Angeles Cid Green Bikini.

Of course she was at the beach wearing this and it actually caused quite the stir. It was not the guys though. It was the women that were not happy. Anegeles got out of the car with a cover on but the minute she was on the beach that came off. This as expected caused a number of men to look over at her. Green Bikini she was wearing was eye popping and her body made it explosive! We noted several men getting in trouble with thier wives for watching.

For anyone here who has not yet seen Angeles naked she has quite the cock on her. So it was a bit hard to hide in the bikini and the men knew right away that she was trans. It did not stop them from looking.

Take a look at this image below and tell us you would not have also stared! Then Click it!

Angeles Cid Green Bikini

And now you know why the title of this post is Angeles Cid Green Bikini!

For those of you who need to see this photo set and its the vast majority of you. Just click the image and get ready for an orgasm like no other.

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