Bikini Body

How many men out there look for an amazing bikini body and never find it? I know it has happened to me many times. Searching for something in the shape of a woman and not finding it. Then one day I came across this set of photos of Angeles Cid. And I realized that this is the bikini body I have searched for. That I have wanted and needed for a very long time. Then when I saw the rest of the photo set. I knew I had to have her. And the photos!

Now as you can clearly see Angeles has nice hips. Not over stated but still sexy and amazing. She also has a big ass and you should know about that. But her tits are something thats amazing as well and as you can see. They are spilling out the top of her bikini. Then there is the bikini bottom. You really have to wonder how and the hell it can hold 13.4 inches of cock. And we are talking about a cock almost as big around as a soda can. Its huge and its heavy.

Click on the image to see more of this body and then make sure to let Angeles know that you checked it out. You can make comments below or in the members area of her site.
Bikini Body

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