Bikini Body outdoors!

Can you believe I was once told I did not have a hot and sexy bikini body outdoors look? Yep its true. I went to a resort with a couple of friends. While chatting at one of the diners about bikini’s the guy and I guess his wife at the table next to us leaned over and said. ” I dont think you have a bikini body outdoors look like that. ” Noting to the girl walking by that we were commenting on. We were not being rude or anything but he felt he needed to say it.

Needless to say I went and bought that bikini and have it on in the photo below. I also have a pretty good set of me wearing this bikini and I think that you will love this. The next day when they saw me their jaw hit the floor.  In fact the guy could not keep his eyes off of me. So of course I made sure to be right in his view most of the day. Making sure to pull my shoulders back and thrust my tits into the air. Pulling my bikini bottom up and making sure also that my big tranny ass was showing.

I also made sure at one point to let him know that I was a trans girl. So I got him looking at me from across the pool. I opened my legs and started to play with the bikini bottom. Stroking the outside of the cloth with a fingernail. This of curse sent electric shocks though my cock and made it start to thicken. And if you have seen my cock before then you know its easy to see as it gets hard. So this guys eyes grew bigger and bigger as my cock thcikedn and the head finally popped out of the bikini bottom. I finally had to stop because I could not be at the pool with a complete erection. So I closed my legs and let it subside. But the guy was all over me with his eyes after that.

Bikini body

So now I want to ask what your opinion is. What do you think of how I look. What would you do if you met me in public and saw me wearing something like this bikini! Do you think that I have a body that looks good in a bikini? I know I can not have one with a bottom that is too small because I can not hide my cock inside it. However I do think this one fit just right and I was able to hide it just fine!

Take a close look and let me know what you think. Also make sure and comment below.

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