Bikini Selfie

Sorry about this photo guys I know its not up to my regular standards. I even cut off my head in the photo. 🙂 However its a Bikini Selfie and I did wanted to get as much of my body in the photo as I could. After all it is called a Bikini Selfie for a reason.

Now about that Bikini. I got it as a gift from a fan and wore it to the beach. I have been tanning my body and titties a lot lately and this bikini was the perfect small size for me. Well I did have a little trouble with my cock. However I think all the men on the beach were ok with it. Anyway I also wanted to make sure that you noted how the bikin top sits on my tits. I seems to know that its job is to give me amazing tan lines and cover my nipples.

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Bikini Selfie

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