Blonde Angeles Cid

Most of you already know that the majority of the sets of Angeles Cid are of course our favorite Blonde Angeles Cid. As apposed of course to our favorite Brunette Angeles Cid. I do hope that you see what I did there! For me, and as for a lot of men. I don’t that they really care what the color of her hair is. She looks amazing either way and we can never get enough of seeing her amazing body and beautiful face.

If someone put it to a vote how do you think you would decided on her looks. Would you go Blonde Angeles Cid or Brunette Angeles Cid? For me I actually prefer her as a brunette. And if you have ever seen the pool set, you would know what I am talking about. Its so HOT!

Click on the image below to check out more of our favorite Blonde Angeles Cid.
Blonde Angeles Cid

Now that you have seen her as a Blonde here. Maybe you should really consider seeing Angeles in her members area. She has photos and movies of her as a blonde and as a brunette. That way you can enjoy them all in one easy to find place. Also make sure to send her a message about your favorite sets.

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