Blonde in a bikini

Want to check out a hot blonde in a bikini? Yeah so do I and while looking, I came across this photo. Yeah that is Angeles Cid and she is the perfect Blonde in a bikini. And she is the perfect girl for many reasons! Can any of you out there name the reasons that Angeles Cid makes the perfect blonde in a bikini? I can and will below so scroll down and keep reading. Then you will be given a change to join the members area and see more of this photo set of this Blonde in a bikini!

So the reasons Angeles Cid is perfect are as follows. First of all she is Blonde. Yeah Yeah I know she bleaches her hair blonde, but does that really matter to anyone? Hell no! Just looking down into that face and those eyes and seeing that beautiful color hair.

Number two would be those big tits in a bikini. Now I dont know about you but I love to go to the beach and see big tits in a bikini. It makes me fantasize about what the girl would look like if she took off the top. And yes of course how she would look if she was naked. But the first thought is those big tits in a bikini! I want her to take it off!

Then and last but not least would be the Bikini Bottom. Now as you note this bikini bottom is covering her. That means in the back of the bikini bottom is her big ass. And tucked between her legs is that massive cock. And that means getting the bottoms off is the priority. Click right now to do just that!

Blonde in a bikini

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