Who likes boots? Now tell me honestly. When you looked at the photo of Angeles Cid below did you even notice that she had them on? Yep she sure does. Thigh High boots to be exact. But they are really hard to see because they are well eclipsed by the beauty of her face and big tits popping out of her top. Yeah yeah I know. You are looking a little further south and checking out that massive trans girl cock. Well so am I and every other person on the planet. That cock is hard to miss but very easy to desire.

Now the vast majority of you here are fans. You have seen Angeles Many times. And I am going to guess that even a few of you have met her. She is one of a kind for several reasons. She is beautiful and that is number one. Then those tits she has are just perfect. Big and round and they need lots of your attention. Angeles also has a pretty big and nice ass on her. But of course her main feature that gets all the attention is her big, wait, change that to huge trans girl cock. Not even her boots get that much attention.

To see the rest of this set and read more about it. Click on the image below and check out the members area of her website right now.


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