Hard body trans girl

Ever envisioned such a hard body trans girl? No most likely not. Most of these girls work to being softer with curves and things. However Angeles Cid has found a way to do both and that is what I am sharing with you right now. This delicious photo of the perfect hard body trans girl. Oh and did you peep that enormous cock? Yeah. Holy shit!

Now most of you have seen her body over the years. The way that Angeles Cid has transformed is amazing and its been a cock hardening thing to watch. This Hard body trans girl is the final stage of what makes her happy in the way she looks as a woman. Do not worry she has no thoughts of getting rid of that cock. She loves it way too much and knows how you feel about it as well. So no worries there.

This photo set of her hard body is even hotter because she is standing in the swimming pool. That means of course that she is wet and watching the water slide down her curves is a real turn on!
Click on the image below or a text link to see more of this photo set.

Hard body trans girl

Can you just imagine being in the pool with this hard body trans girl and holding those tits for her? Or reaching around her to hold that huge cock?

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