Hung Trans girl.

Hey guys. Its me again Angeles Cid and I wanted to share this photo with you. I am showing you because its also proof to a guy that I am actually a Hung Trans girl. I met this man who was quite polite and we were chatting a little. When he started telling me I was very pretty I decided to stop him right away. I like most trans girls and especially the Hung Trans Girls have a tendency to let guys know really fast that we are indeed trans.

So I told him. He of course did not believe me. However with the number of people around I could not prove it to him. Also wearing jeans meant it would be really hard to show him my cock where we were. So I gave him a paper and told him to check my sites for himself. And that I would post a photo and dedicate it to him.

Hung trans girl

So Manuel. Here is your ” Baby Girl ” as you called me that day. Showing off that I actually am a Hung Trans Girl.

I hope you like the photo and hope you will comment. All you other guys also comment as well. I love reading them.

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