Lips and ass

Now some of you might be wondering what lips and ass have to do with each other. To me its simple really. Both of those things are on the end of the girls I like the most. And both to those tings are usually the softest part of the girls body. After all we really do want the girls tits to be nice and firm with only a hit of softness. And we definitely want that cock to be hard as a rock and ready for action of any sort.

But that lips and ass can be as soft as possible and all the better for us. It means that the girl can suck us or let us fuck them and everything has a nice soft landing spot. Now take a look at the photo below of Angeles Cid. She is laying on a bed with her beautiful ass in a sexy pair of thong panties. And her soft and luscious lips are playing with a lolly pop.

Lips and Ass

Do not thing for a second that Angeles took this photo with out the idea of getting your cock hard. And she is a master of knowing how to look and post and what you want to see. It is of course one of the things that we all love about her.

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