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I think that at one time or another ever man has looked for masturbation toys! Just something that might help enhance his orgasm to the point of ecstasy. Well we also do the same things for the girls and today we wanted to share one of the Masturbation toys that we found that we like the most. However it wont be Angeles Cid showing it today. Its a short video clip of Mariana Cordoba using the masturbation toys and also some sexy lingerie. The clip only shows the one toy that we want to talk about though. And to see the rest of the video you can watch it in the members area of Marianas website.

Now. Getting off and shooting your load is always a great feeling. But sit back and watch this toy that Mariana is going to use. Then after the clip, you can click on a link below and BUY the toy for yourself. No its not the one she used but a brand new one that you are going to love! This is the Sex Egg. It is exactly what it sounds like. It’s an egg shape masturbator for a mans cock or a trans cock. And the feeling is the most amazing thing ever. Once you get your cock into one you wont want to stop using it. So make sure that your girl helps you play with your new sex egg.

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