Modeling Lingerie

Modeling lingerie is actually a harder job than a lot of people might think. And especially for a hot girl like Angeles Cid. We all know that she some how manages to hide her cock. And when Modeling Lingerie she has to do an extra special job of it. To tuck her cock back that far and keep it there is an exercise in patients and also something that not many trans girls can do.

However when looking at Angeles Cid all dressed up in Lingerie and also Modeling. She is a picture of perfection! That means that she is HOT HOT, and you wont be able to get enough of her amazing body. Speaking of that body. You can see in our modeling sample photo below that her tits and ass were also looking rather hot. With her tits busting out the top and her ass out of the panties. Well it just makes us want to strip her naked and fuck her crazy!

Now that you have gotten a peek of her modeling lingerie I think its time that we get to see her naked. With her big tranny tits and bigger tranny cock out. That means getting to see it all. The SHOW! Click on that image below and get into her members area right now. Its easy and fast and only costs a few cents a day. Do not disappoint Angeles and dont make her think you are cheap. No girl likes a man unwilling to spend a few dollars on her.
Modeling Lingerie

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