Modeling outdoors. Angeles Cid in Boots!

Modeling outdoors. Angeles Cid in Boots! Hey guys. This set of Modeling outdoors was done on the outskirts of a rather large city in Argentina. It is one of the last shoots that I planned for a year or so as I am going to go and live in Greece and Italy for a while. But I know I have a lot of fans that like to see me pose outdoors! And also a good number of you enjoy me in boots. So I combined the two and made this set. I hope you love it. I had fun making it as there were actually a number of people watching.

Click the image to see more of the set. Yes its in my members area so you will have to join me to see it.
Modeling Outdoors

I know that you are already getting hard, and that makes me feel that deep down throb in my balls and thick cock. So join me right now so we can play.

Otherwise if you want to check out more free samples of me, You can surf the categories here on this site. But start out here with me in Lingerie!

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