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Hello all just a quick message from me, Angeles Cid.

After a monthly call with all the girls from the network we came up with the idea of letting you know how we are all doing. As most of you know I am more or less the hostess of the network so I will from time to time give you updates.

Naomi Chi was the firs to find the time to post but she basically gave a self update and let you know how she is doing. She also mentioned that a couple of the girls are not doing as well during these troubled times. They live in areas that are effected more because of Covid and the financial downturn.  You can read Naomi Chi’s comments here.

Basically we wanted to send out a big thank you to you all of our fans and friends for your support over the years and especially this year. We want to thank you for your memberships and also for your comments, rantings and shares of our websites and blogs like this one.  We know that many of you are also going through some tuff times and that’s one of the reasons we have tried to update our blogs as much as we can to offer up a free share of whats waiting for you once the covid issue has passed.

Even if you can not buy a membership to support us, your comments on the blogs really do help us out. If you can share our links with others in email, text or sms and even on other chatboards that helps as well. But please do not limit this to just our websites. Make sure that any girl that you are into knows that you support her and hope the best for you. You can do that by commenting on her blog. Give her a mention on your favorite chat board of whatever you can come up with.


Here is a big fingers crossed for all of our American and Canadian friends to get new stimulus money to help them and thier families along the way. Another for the crusing industry to start to boom again and for all of our European and world wide friends we hope that tourism, business and everything starts to boom very soon.

A couple of our girls that have been hit extremely hard are linked below to their blogs.

TS TaniaQ

Sapphire Young

Tiara Tiramisu

Hugs kisses and love to you all. Please comment below.

Angeles Cid.

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