Sex toy

Angeles Cid with a sex toy! Yeah you read that right. This is a photo and a video clip of Angeles Cid as she sits and plays with a sex toy. However this is not the toy that you might expect for a trans girl to play with.

One of her fans wanted her to fuck a woman. A woman with a vagina. But alas and as usual she could not find a woman that would take her HUGE trans girl cock. So the fan decided that he would get what he wanted after all and bought her this sex toy! And as she clearly demonstrates it’s a pussy toy and not one for her ass. And the only cock in this video as Angeles strokes it to life and then fucks the toy on video for her fan!

SO now all of you fans and also you guys that are not sure if you are a fan or not. Scroll down on this page and check out the free sample movie clip. Also check out the photo below that. You can click on that photo to join her custom and exclusive members area. That way you can watch the rest of this movie as well as all the other movies in the members area. Click right now! You do not want to miss out on watching. Angeles Cid loved fucking this sex toy!

This is the image I said for you to click on. So click it right now.
sex toy

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