Sex Toy

What would you do if you had the following two things on a bed? The first is a sex toy in the shape of a woman’s pussy and ass. And the second thing is a hung trans girl with blonde hair and big lips. As well as big titties and a huge tranny cock? Who would be the first to lick the sex toy? And who would be the first to stick their cock deep into this toy?

Would one of you fuck the ass while the other fucked the pussy. And you both kiss in the middle and play with her pussy? How hot would things get on the bed?

Angeles Cid got her hands on a sex toy just like that and she decided to stick her huge cock deep into the pussy hole. She fucks it good and uses it to masturbate herself. She also gives it a bit of a licking and we got it all on camera for you to enjoy.

Check out this video clip below and see what I mean.. Also make sure to check out the free sample photo and then click on it to join the members area. Her website not only has the full length movie of this sex toy fuck. But it has a lot of other movies as well.

Click on the image at the bottom of this page or a text link like right here!

This is the image I told you about and that you can click on it. So click it right now!
Sex Toy

The tip of the berg with a sex toy machine. Watch live!

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