Sexy pink bikini

Have you ever been to the beach and see the perfect girl wearing a sexy pink bikini? Yeah me as well and I was surprised when Angeles sent these photos and the movie in for her members area. She had on the exact thing I had been thinking about! Click here to join now!

As we all know a bikini comes in many shapes and sizes. And the vast majority of them are sexy. So seeing this one reinforced my desire to see one and seeing it on the body of Angeles Cid. Well that was hot. As you can see the top barely covers her tits. And because she was on a family beach she kept on the hot pants part of this bikini set. But under that she had on the thong. And can I just say I would love to know how she pulls off a thong!

Anyway. So Another thing, and to get back to this movie clip I have for you. The Sexy pink bikini was shown here and the way that it hugs her big tranny tits. Literally making them look bigger. Just check out the movie clip right now to see for yourself.

You can also click on the image below to see the whole movie in the Exclusive members area of her website.

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Below is the image I told you to click on. So put your finger or pointer right between her tits and click!
Sexy Pink Bikini

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