Short Sexy Dress and Angeled Cid!

Short Sexy Dress and Angeled Cid! So yes I do love to wear a short sexy dress! But sometimes they are a bit of a problem like in the photo of me below.

If for some reason my cock escapes my panties. Well its clear to see and many people have. I have a big cock and it can be hard to hide! How do you think you would feel if you saw me on the street and this monster cock popped out. What would you do?

I would hope that you are a complete gentleman and that you would help me cover myself while I tucked my cock back in. Then maybe even offer to buy me a drink or something so that my cheeks would turn from red back to their normal color.  And it would be nice if you might even be a little embarrassed.

But if you wanted to pull me into an alley way and stroke my cock with your hands. Or maybe even your lips. Well that would be hot also. Either way I think I would love you for trying to help me out.

If you want to, you can always send me a new short dress and I can try for that panty popping accident. jijijij

So now that I have your attention click here to see the rest of this set.

Short Sexy Dress

Although I do love to wear a short dress like this I dont really have very many. So if you want to send me one or take me shopping. Send me a message or post it in the comments in the members area.

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