Side boob

Well ok. So now looking at this photo I have to ask. Is this Side boob or whole boob? I have to say for sure that its HOT. But how would you classify this photo of Angeles Cid. She actually took this herself and I think that its pretty damn sexy. So I wanted to share it as a side boob shot. But then the more I stare at it. And that is quite a lot. I keep thinking its more of the whole thing and not just the side. So do me a favor and let me know below what you think it might be better classified as.

So. Like I was saying. Sitting and looking at this photo. Trying not to wank while typing this has been a bit hard. But I think that I am right in calling this photo a side boob shot. In face I will state and say. I AM CORRECT! Ha. Now if you want to see the rest of this selfie photo set. Trust me. YOU DO! Then click on the image below and check out more of this amazing girl and her body. If you are asking if you will get to see her special tool in this set? The answer is yes. She shows it off very nicely!

Click on the image below to see the rest of the set in her members area!
Side Boob

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