Thong Bikini and shorts! Did I mention high heels?

Thong Bikini and shorts! Did I mention high heels? We were heading out to the beach and as usual I put on the smallest Thong Bikini and shorts that I can hide my thick cock in! If you have never seen my cock guys, let me just say. It is impressive.In fact lets say its a one in a lifetime and a must see. More exciting than some of the rides at the biggest amusement parks.

And of course now that I have mentioned it, you must see it! All of my fans will tell you I am only stating a fact. 11.3 inches long and about 8 inches around makes for a cock that can really hammer a love hole! Its actually bigger than that but no one really believes until its hard and they are ready to play with it.

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Thong Bikini and Shorts

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