Tight pink panties

Want to check out a pair of tight pink panties on one of the hottest trans girls you will ever see? I am guessing that you already know who will be wearing these tight pink panties. Furthermore I am sure you will also know that these tight pink panties are trying to accomplish an impossible task. Yes this is Angeles Cid. And yes also to the fact that these panties are failing at containing her huge trans girl cock. But they most certainly look amazing while trying to do it dont they?
Now for those of you that really know Angeles Cid. You know that she must wear panties to help hide that massive cock of hers. And you also know that no matter what she looks amazing in those panties. And she looks even more amazing as her cock and balls try to escape from them. The best part is, that she wants you to see this so she is always grabbing photos and videos of herself and sharing them with you.

Click on the image below and check out more of this set of her hot panties. And just wait until that monster cock escapes from the holding. Is gonna make your cock rock hard and you are going to shoot a huge load.

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Tight pink panties

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