Trans girl ass

Trans girl ass. What size do you like? I am an average height girl but I do have big tits. I am not fat as you can see. But my ass is a little bigger than you might find on some trans girls my size. So that is the reason I am looking for comments on the size of my trans girl ass. What do YOU like? Big, small, Medium or implants? My the way, mine is all natural with a lot of gym time!

Now I want to direct your attention to photo below as I think it is a great photo of my trans girl ass and that it represents how big and how it is shaped. Of course I love my ass but it does make me wonder what you think about it. Also if you chose to post a comment below let me know what you think of not only the thong I am wearing. But also how my ass looks in a thong in general.

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Trans girl ass

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