Trans girl body!

Oh my. Have you ever in your wildest dreams seen a better Trans girl body? Of course this is none other than Angeles Cid and she wanted to share this photo with you. However she did not want to write about it herself. She felt it would be a little bit toooo much to talk about her own body the way we are going to. But I want to tell you when she sat down with me to talk about this photo set. Angeles started touching her cock while looking at the photos. Shhh. Dont tell her but so did I.

Being another photo in a pro series Angeles shot recently she was at the house of the photographer. It was quite hot and she wanted to relax a while from the studio shoots. She tells us everyone was busy so when she found herself alone at the pool, she slipped off her robe and slid into the cool water. This of course made her cock grow stiff. She explained that as she went down into the water slowly the her balls and cock hit the top of the water and she could feel it move up her body. Touching her cock and balls and then slowly up her ass then her back and finally over her tits.

When she opened her eyes the photographer was there and started to shoot photos. Take a look below for the sample.

Trans Girl Body

As you can clearly see Angeles Cid has the perfect Trans girl body, and you simply need to see more. So click right now and check out the rest of this cock hardening set.

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