Trans girl legs and heels

So when you go looking for trans girl legs and heels. What sort of heels do you look for? What kind of legs? We all know that I personally have semi long legs but my thighs are big at the top. I don’t look fat at all and they mold right into my big trans girl ass for sure. But some men tend to like longer and skinny legs. How about you? Also what about the heels? Do yo prefer more of a business woman’s heel or the heels of a tranny slut? Honestly I have and love both.

However I do want to do what it takes to get you not only hot. But I want your cock harder than ever before. That is the reason i am asking for opinions on trans girl legs and heels. I want to know what you like to see. What gets you hard and what you would do if presented with me dressed like in this photo.

Trans girl legs and heels

Right now is a great chance for us to have some fun. Click on a text link or the image above and join me to see the rest of this photo set. I also have a ton of movies that we can get off together watching. So make sure and let me know what you like to see.

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