Wet naked trans

Who is up for a shower with a wet naked trans? How about if that wet naked trans is Angeles Cid? Oh yeah. Now I have takers. Nice. Ok so read on and take a look at the sample photo below and see what you think. Is this hot or what?

Now Angeles and I know that most of you have never been with a trans girl. But we also know that you like to look at them and she wanted to make sure you understand what it would be like to be with her. So, can you imagine getting in the shower with her? How excited you would be to either watch her strip or to help her get naked. Then to feel the water cascading over your body and hers as you caress her big trans girl tits. The way to sluices over her ass and hits your hands and face as you lean over to bite on her ass cheeks. The feeling of her heavy wet cock in your hand.

Wet naked trans

Now take some soap and add it to your favorite wet naked trans girl parts. Would it be those big tits? How about that thick and juicy ass? Or would you go right for the love rod and get it slippery and let her fuck your hand first?

See things can get hot even in a shower and especially with a wet naked trans.

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