White pants

Who else loves white pants on a trans girl with a big cock? Yeah I guessed that you would all raise something over this idea. And so I present to you a photo and movie clip of the amazing and sexy Angele Cid. And yes, you guessed it. She is showing off her amazing body in a sexy and tight pair of white pants.

This pair of white pants is nice and tight and looks amazing on her big tranny ass. And as you know. Angeles Cid has one big tranny ass. And a tasty one at that! So for those of you who might be on the look out for a hot body dressed in tight pants. Well you have found the one that is going to make your cock hard. But the best thing is. Her cock is going to get hard as well and as you know. Angeles Cid has a huge cock.

So for those of you interested in seeing this movie. Uncut and full length. You can do that in the members area of her Website. Its custom made and exclusive to her fans. So join her members area right now by clicking right here!

Or if you prefer you can also click on the image at the bottom of this page.

This is the image that I told you about. It is a screen cap from the movie. Click it right now and enjoy her custom and exclusive members area.
White pants

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