Hardcore Shemale Sex With Angeles And Nikki

Here is a great video featuring hardcore shemale sex featuring Angeles Cid and super slut Nikki Montero.

The action starts out as Nikki is funny and sexy and Angeles is obviously excited by the prospect of some fun with her.  They start by sucking each others cock.  Nikki pretty much face fucks Angeles who is obviously quite submissive. Nikki takes her turn sucking Angeles’s enormous cock.

Finishing off the scene is Nikki pounding Angeles in the ass like a piston. He hammers her tight ass pretty damn good before pulling out and shooting her thick load on Angeles’s face and tits.

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Beautiful Shemale Angeles Cid

Nothing can compare to a stunning beautiful shemale all dolled up and looking super sexy. Angeles Cid is just such a gal who can toss a little makeup on and a sexy dress and be amazing!

This photo is just the example.  Angeles looks amazingly confident and relaxed in this shot.  The glow of the room off her blonde hair and her large, full breasts sticking out aching to be touched. She is delicious and knows it.

She’s teasing us because we know just how amazing her cock is as well. Tantalizing us as she keeps that monster under wraps for the time being. Take a peek inside her site and seeing how she works her cock for all to see and drool over.


Beautiful Shemale Angeles Cid

Pretty Tranny Gardening Topless

Wouldn’t it be great to have a pretty tranny as your personal gardener? She’s show up and tend to your flowers and plants. The twist is as she’s working she’s shedding her clothes because it’s a hot day and she needs to cool off.

Pretty Tranny Angles Cid

Angeles Cid certainly pulls off this little fantasy. She certainly knows what she’s doing with those hedge clippers, but I somehow doubt she has any desire to use them. Her mind is on something far more fun and pretty soon she’s topless and exposing those amazing tits to the beautiful sun above.

Topless Tranny Angeles Cid

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Angeles Cid In Her Sexy Jogging Suit

There is no way Angeles Cid can look as good as she does without busting her ass to stay in shape. Even when she is building up a sweat she likes to look good.

This is Angeles’s favorite jogging suit when she goes for her run in the morning. She says feeling sexy gives her a big rush and helps her get through her workouts knowing others are watching…..and lusting for her.

It’s no secret how sensitive her nipples and the neon green tight halter top gets them hard and aching to be touched.  Of course this arousal goes straight down to her enormous cock which can’t be hidden by her skimpy shorts.  She’s not to concerned about her hard on though.  This just makes her more appealing to others which gets her horny and fuels her workouts like nothing else can.

Angles Cid In Jogging Suit

There are tons of pics and videos with Angeles in hot workout outfits…..and out of them as well 🙂

Angeles Cid Strokes Her Huge Cock

You will be hard pressed to come across a shemale that is hornier than Angles Cid.  Her huge cock is always at attention it seems.

Having a nice night alone at home is something she looks foreward to. Being as busy as she is, these moments allow her to pamper herself with a warm bubble bath with sweet flowerly smells and candles burning.

Of course all this self pampering makes Angeles super horny.  Not that it takes much, but these moments are when she allows her fantasies to really come full circle.

Her cock at full erection she’s ready to start stroking for all she’s worth.

I think you can see she’s more than ready for a nice night of self pleasure. I’m sure it wouldn’t to much of an arm twisting to get you to join would it?

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Super Hung Angeles Cid Takes A Load

Here is a great video of Hung Angeles Cid and her comparatively hung boyfriend having a little fun on a Saturday night.

The fun starts out with her boytoy sucking her massive cock. It’s obvious this is not his first time slobbering on her monster cock!

She turns the tables and sucks his thick rod until she bends over to allow him to jerk himself off and shoot a nice thick load on her back.

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Big boots Big cock Tranny!

Big boots Big cock Tranny! Because I am always looking for ways to excite the members of my site! I have come up with some amazing outfits. Most of them were either thought up by fans and friends or they were purchased by them.

Another thing that is a turn on to most men is simply the positions. Legs spread wide and cock hanging down seems to be a real turn on and the requests for these photos come in often. Take a look at the photo below and see! Because that’s what everyone has been talking about!

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Big Boots Big Cock tranny

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Tranny CosPlay with Angeles Cid!

Tranny CosPlay with Angeles Cid! And now! Its time to show off last Halloweens costume and get your opinions on it. Is it sexy and slutty enough for me while walking in the streets and in public? Well we have to say that we actually did and got a lot of stares and comments about the outfit. This is for sure Tranny Cosplay! So as the compliments came in so did the blood moving in my body and I was forced to stop at a store and use the rest room. The need to masturbate and cum was also overwhelming.

What is done in your city? For Halloween and is my tranny cosplay outfit acceptable? Wearing something similar next year in your area would cause a stir. And it seems like a good idea if you want to do it let us know. 🙂

Tranny Cosplay

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Angeles Cid Hardcore! And in the kitchen none the less!

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