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Huge Tranny Cock

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Round Tranny tits. It seems that the more I lose weight and the more muscle I gain from the gym and bed exercise, the more my tits look round! Take a look at the image below and let me know what you think. Are those some Round tranny tits or what?

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Busty Shemale Outdoors. Lets get some sun!

Busty Shemale Outdoors. Lets get some sun! Well to tell the truth this was a trip I made to Cancun Mexico. A fan wanted to meet me so he got me a nice double room at the RIU in Cancun. I arrived on a Saturday and was treated like a queen from the instant I walked in the door. The room was nice and we filmed a couple of hardcore scenes in there. The fan, Michael was in the videos. But this photo set Busty shemale outdoors was shot on the afternoon he left. So I am sharing it here so he can see as well.

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BUsty Shemale Outdoors

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