Ass selfie

Seeing an ass selfie is a turn on. But knowing who that ass selfie belongs to is an even bigger turn on. And this one belongs to Angeles Cid. And what an ass selfie it is. You can even see the stick in her hand to know for sure that she shot this photo just for you. She wanted to share how her ass looks in this thong. And I don’t know about you but I am grateful she did because now we have some new and self shot wanking material. And yeah there is more to this set so read on! Or See more right now!

There are a number of ways you can tell this is Angeles Cid and I would say the first one is just the size and shape of that big tranny ass. It is really thick and juicy and she has an ass that you can get lost in for weeks. But you can also tell by the tattoo she has on her back. Its so her and so easy to see. If you are already hard and ready to bend her over, then click on the image below. Check out the rest of the set and see if you can hold your load until the last image. Angeles is hot and her cock is getting hard for you. So click now and get ready to cum!

Ass Selfie

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