Naked in the pool

Most of you already know about Angeles Cid and the fact that she does some wild shit. Well here we go again with her naked in the pool and showing off her amazing big tits and monster cock. But what you can not see in this image is that she is naked in the pool at a hotel. That means that everyone could see her and she was so happy to show off her big tits and monster cock to anyone that wanted to start.

For Angeles Cid, being naked in the pool is just another day and thing to do. So do not be surprised if some day you go out of your hotel room and see her laying in the pool, big tits up and that monster cock flopped over to the side and getting tanned! Trust me you are going to love seeing this body. The way the water glistens on her tan skin as she soaks up the rays. The heave of her chest as she breathes. How her nipples get hard when the wind blows across them. And once her nipples get hard her cock will soon follow by getting thicker and fatter and longer. Just take a look at the sample photo below and then click it.

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Naked in the pool

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