Bikini and Heels

Now there are a lot of clothing Combos out there that trans girls wear. Most of them are sexy. But I have to admit that I have an I am certain that a lot of you also have a draw to a hot trans girl in a bikini and heels. There is just something so sexy and slutty about it that you must see it. And once you see it you just need to see more and more. Let’s face it guys a bikini and heels combo makes your cock hard. And when you get to see it on a body like Angeles Cid! Well it makes your cock so hard that it aches to be relieved.

Just take a look at this photo below of Angeles Cid. She was modeling for a PhotoG in Argentina and she did this shoot in her favorite bikini. The High heels of course just added to how hot the set turned out. And needless to say none of it would have been sexy without her super amazing body inside of that bikini. So sit back, take a look and enjoy this sample photo of Angeles Modeling.

Bikini and heels

Click on the image right now to check out the rest of this photo set. You can also click on a text link.

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