Jeans shorts

For many years one of the biggest selling and sexy things was jeans shorts. They made them small and with a super hot cut on purpose. And to see Angeles Cid wearing jeans shorts and also high heels. Well its hot!

Just take a look at the sample photo below. This is of course Angeles Cid and she is showing off her pair of sexy shorts. The high heels as I stated just add to how sexy this looks over all. And can you just imagine going to the mall or someplace in public with her dressed like this? I mean talk about a turn on. The shorts are so short that her legs look amazing and seem to go on for miles. Also they are so short that you get to see the upper inner thigh and there is just something sensual about that.

Now I know that you have had a hard time ripping your eyes off the upper part of her body. Being topless in this photo only adds to how hot it is. But those shorts just take the cake and make this a must see more type of photo.

Jeans Shorts

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