Bikini Body

Who wants to enjoy a Bikini Body? Yep figured. We all do. So our offer today is that you get a freebie of Angeles Cid. Go figure. This is a blog about her after all. But that bikini photo is super hot and very sexy of her. As always when Angeles Cid shows off her bikini body we get the same question. How does she hide that monster cock in the bikini bottom. The answer? Who cares! She hides that cock and lets us gaze upon her sensual shemale curves by sharing her bikini body with us and that is more than enough for me!

Several people have asked me if Angeles actually wears this bikini to the beach And the answer is yes. In fact its one of the bigger or more full bikini’s she owns so why not. We know that a vast majority of the trans girls wear a 1 piece of some sort but Angeles loves the bikini. And so do we.

Now if you want to see the rest of this set, and I am sure you do. Just click on the image or you can even click on a text link. Both will take you to the join page of her website! Once on that page fill in the small form and hit submit. The next page her a slightely bigger form but it only takes a minute to complete. Hit submit again and you should be in the members area really fast. You get to enjoy all of her Movies and photo sets right there. You can also contact her if you like. Click right now!
Bikini body

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