Wanking in water

Ever tried wanking in water? If not then you are missing out on some fun stuff. This beauty what is wanking in water is Angeles Cid and as you know she has a lot to wank. And its a lot of fun to watch. So sit back and check out this sample photo right now and see how it makes you feel. Try and figure out what you would do if you could slip down into that water with her and enjoy her amazing and beautiful body. Those soft and sensual curves and that amazing cock as it grows stiff in your hands.

Wanking in water

Now that her love tube is getting fatter and harder. Just slide your hand long the shaft. Do not squeeze too tight but make sure and be firm. Once you feel the head enter your hand stop and reverse the direction. With each stroke move just a little faster. Then once your had is moving at a medium speed, slow down some to enjoy the stroke longer. SO dont want her to cum too fast. You want to enjoy her body while wanking in water.

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